ChairmanJim McComishchairmanhar@businessireland.co.za
Vice ChairmanGerry McCollumvicechairhar@businessireland.co.za
MembershipWarwick Broadmembershar@businessireland.co.za
TreasurerTony Jordantreasurerhar@businessireland.co.za
SecretaryPaul Briensecretaryhar@businessireland.co.za

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Membership is open to both lrish and Non-Irish business people with an interest and or an involvement in Ireland and Southern Africa.
Membership includes access, through the database, to the contact details of all other members of Business Ireland, from all Chapters. Easily found through the members private pages. Some great discounts and privileges, which in Cape Town are provided by these members » » are also available to all members.

Business Ireland gratefully acknowledges the support provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the
Emigrant Support Programme.

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